The best washable stamp pads for baby's hand and foot prints

Those teeny, tiny hands. Those sweet, wrinkly-soft feet. Don't you just want to hold them forever? Don't you want to remember just how small they were? 

A wonderful way to keep those precious prints is to stamp your baby's hands or feet with a washable ink pad. Now, to find the right one!

If you're looking for a washable stamp pad to use with your baby, you might have seen a slew of choices, and it can feel overwhelming! You want something safe for your baby, and one that won't make a huge, ick-sticky mess.

We've tried several of stamp pads, and to start, we can definitely tell you what not to use.

First, don't use paint. It smears all over the place and doesn't get the prints very well. 

Secondly, don't use a non-washable pad. Getting that black ink off your baby is a pain! 

So, what should you use? Here are our two best choices:

This one is affordable, washable and non-toxic. 

This one is a little more expensive, and can only be used a couple of times, but the no-mess feature is pretty awesome. Especially with a wiggly-baby. 

There you have it! Two good choices for capturing your baby's hand or foot prints.