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We hope you enjoy this weekly Bible Verse Memory Challenge. But, why did we come up with this idea in the first place? I’m so glad you asked...

How many times have you sat down to memorize something only to give up before it sticks in your head? We’ve found that a good way to memorize Scripture is simply by seeing and reading it over and over again. That’s why we’re here. To make bringing God’s Word into our homes easy and beautiful. And we hope this challenge does just that. We’ll share a Scripture verse with you each week on Instagram, and replay it over in a beautiful way 7 times (once each day for a week) so you can read it and become familiar with it.

  • Each week, we'll post a new Bible memory verse! Follow along and memorize it with us!
  • We'll post the verse in a different, beautiful format each day of the week on Instagram so you can easily memorize it and hide it in your heart. 
  • If you follow us, you'll see the verse 7 times before we post a new one each Monday. 
  • Come to this page to download the FREE, 8x10 printable verse of the week! 
  • Simply click the week below for the free verse. No hidden agenda here, you don't even have to give us your email! Simply download and print. We hope this helps you grow closer to God and know that Jesus cares for you! 

Download the artwork using the links here: 

Week of April 19th, 2021: Proverbs 16:3

Week of April 26th, 2021: 2 Corinthians 5:17



*Please note, the free downloads posted here are for personal, non-commercial use only.*